Introduction to Astrology

astrologyEver wondered what it MEANS when someone asks you what your ‘sign’ is?!

Astrology has evolved through the centuries from an arcane form of divination and augury to be understood as a sophisticated, effective model for developing self-awareness and personal growth.

Timing is everything and astrology affords us an opportunity to recognize the most advantageous moments in which to move, begin or develop partnerships or projects.

Join us for an Introduction to Astrology and learn the basics of an ancient art. Learn about the planets and signs and discover what they mean to you.

This is a beginners class and will focus on the building blocks of astrology leading to a basic understanding of how this age old system accurately reflects how we express ourselves as individuals through our relationships, work and life.

Explore your own chart to ground your understanding and apply the principles that express the energy of the heavens.

5 – 2 hour sessions: 7-9pm
Wednesdays, beginning February 26, 2014
Trumpington, Cambridge
£75 including a copy of your personal chart
Spaces limited

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