Stardust – An Introduction to Astrology

Amidst the chaos of political, environmental and societal change, uncertainty mounts, camps are chosen and some of us attempt to erect barricades. Astrology offers an opportunity to pull back from the binary of ‘us and them’ by illuminating and describing many, many different options for understanding and appreciation of ourselves and ‘the other’. This understanding fosters a sense of choice… and with that freedom.

 Join us as we draw back the shade on an ancient language that offers insight, guidance and a glimpse at potential. Access the building blocks of ‘the long view’ and come to understand the perfection in every moment as it leads to the next.

The series takes place over six consecutive weeks.

 During the course you will gain an understanding of the basic building blocks of astrology through language, symbol and myth. We will explore the planets, signs, houses, aspects, and Nodes of the Moon.

No previous knowledge of astrology is required, a sense of humour and willingness to join in the conversation is a must!

Stardust_artwork_Jan_2019Trumpington, Cambridge

Thursdays, 7-9:30pm

Commencing Thursday November 7, 2019

£195 Early bird before October 15 or £225 (includes personal birth chart)

Questions? Contact Marlow:


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