Consolidating Change – End of Early-bird Enrollment draws near

There are still a couple of places available for Representatives at the Early bird price.

What IS a Representative in the realm of Family Constellations?

Family Constellations, describes a process of exploring and gaining insight into our life’s challenges by way of understanding the hidden dynamics of family patterns and the way they effect us.  Exploring our personal dynamics is greatly aided when, working in a group, we are able to nominate someone to ‘represent’ a particular person or challenge. When you accept the role of representative, you gain access to the information that is held by the energy of the person or challenge in question. This embodiment enables a conversation and added awareness of the often hidden or tangled strands of the family dynamic. These hidden strands in our family of origin can then find themselves expressed by challenges that we face in our own lives.

A representative is an invaluable aid in articulating unconscious aspects of our internal dynamics.

Why would I choose to do this as opposed to being an Issue Holder?

The very act of participation, by association, will have a direct affect on your own process. In effect, you can ‘piggy-back’ on the central issue holder’s inquiry. MAGIC!

Choosing to act as a Representative is first and foremost, a service to the entire ‘system’. Without fail, when you are chosen to act as representative in another person’s enquiry,  you will have conscious or unconscious links to the question at hand.

Come along and join us, for healing and for growth!

To enroll please contact us at:

2 thoughts on “Consolidating Change – End of Early-bird Enrollment draws near

  1. Hi hon, have sent this to another couple of people with big networks, hope you get lots of mice participants. XX 

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