New Classes! We Are Stardust – An Introduction to Astrology

Astrology is ‘trending’. Podcasts and blogs are a blur of mysterious astrological terms promising a shape and order to life. We tune in to hear the latest predictions, for comfort, reassurance or at the very least a sense that ‘SOMEBODY’ has a handle on the breathtaking changes in our lives at the moment.

After we close the web page, or finish the podcast… then what? How does astrology apply to me? What difference do the incomprehensible signs make in my world? Do I need to wait for the next installment for further insight? What if you could read the map yourself, YOUR map and understand how your experience is reflected in the stars?

Join me for a six-part on line series and begin to ‘demystify’ astrology for yourself. We Are Stardust is an introduction to the language of astrology and a key to understanding your chart in the context of the greater world. Acquaint yourself with the meanings and movement of the planets through the signs and houses, and gain greater insight into yourself and your place in the world at this time.The course includes your personal horoscope and takes place in real time in a seminar format.

Start date: January 26, 2023 and for five weeks thereafter at 7pm (UK)

Contact for further information and booking.

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