Creating Sacred Space
A day-long workshop to introduce you to the basics of creating sacred space for ceremony and ritual. There are many different reasons to create sacred space: space clearing, meditation, Blessings, Partings of the way, Healing, empowerment and charging of projects/dreams, and divination. All of these require safe and contained boundaries. The day will consist of an introduction to the creation of sacred space and the four directions. We will plan and make a ceremony dedicated to clearing energetic ties and clearing our auras. The day will include active participation and guided meditation.

A two-day process based on the notion that our bodies are record keepers and as such, hold all the information we need in order to better know ourselves and to heal. Through the use of a variety of methods including movement, breath, meditation, guided journey and solitary time you will create a unique pictorial reference guide to your body and its wisdom.

Homoeopathy for the Home – 36 Remedies for First Aid and Acute Prescribing.
This course takes place over five evenings of 2 1/2 hours each. First Aid kits are available for purchase and a list of recommended reading will be included.

View Marlow’s fee schedule here.

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