Homoeopathy for the Home– 36 Remedies for First Aid and Acute Prescribing
This course takes place over six sessions of 2 1/2 hours each. During the classes you will receive an introduction to homoeopathic philosophy, a brief history and understanding of the function of acute and chronic illness. 36 common remedies and their applications will be introduced with real case studies and examples. You will also be guided in understanding what is suitable to treat and when to call the homoeopath or doctor. This is an ideal first step in enabling you to confidently prescribe for yourself and your family. 
You will be encouraged to participate and share questions and experiences. £175

We are Stardust

This is a six week series aimed at those who are interested in learning the basics of astrology with a view to reading charts and interpreting trends for individuals and for us as a collective. We will cover the basic building blocks of astrology through the planets, signs, and houses. Relaxed and informal, there are always a few unexpected twists and, depending upon the participants, the direction of the material will be tailored to suit. You will receive a copy of your birth chart and as well as notes and recordings of the sessions.  £175

This course has been a wonderful experience for me – starting to learn a new way to be curious about myself, my family and the world and universe. It’s changed the way I think about what I and others around me do. I’m hooked and excited to keep exploring life from this perspective. Marlow gave us a great introduction to the principles of astrology and it was great to meet up with other interested and interesting people in such a relaxed setting each week. I can highly recommend the course.

LC, Cambridge.

Stardust for Homoeopaths

Echoing the basics as outlined in We Are Stardust, this six-week series is tailored for Homoeopaths who are interested in using astrology as an adjunct to their practice. Insights into the birth chart can guide the practitioner with clarity and awareness of the potential for illness, the route to healing and the timing of such. We will discuss pathology, remedies and tissue salts in relation to the birth charts. £175

Stardust II

In Stardust II we will be exploring more practical applications of what you have already covered, as well as reviewing and picking up any missed ‘stitches’. The topics that we will cover include Transits, Progressions, Relationship charts, and Essential Dignities. Embedded in the series are a series of meditations on each of the planets, designed to help you connect with their energies more fully and to locate them in your body and their relationship to the Chakra system.

What this means, in plain English, is that we will begin to explore what it is to progress a natal chart and ‘bring it up to date’, into the here and now as well as see how the elements of Essential Dignities add ‘harmony’ and tone to the basic chart reading. Relationship charts reveal how we relate to others in partnership and other relationships, as well as how to understand what our ideal mate might look like. There is also an opportunity to see how charts ‘speak’ to one another. This series runs for seven sessions.

There will be a review of the basics to begin with and an opportunity, throughout the series, to practice reading charts with one another.

This course is designed to follow on from Stardust. This session will only be available to those who have completed the first level and/or have a working knowledge of Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects. £200

Stardust III –  Enter The Goddess!

In Traditional Astrology, the focus is on the major planets in our solar system, which makes sense as they have been present in our awareness for thousands of years as most of them are visible to the naked eye.  All but two of these heavenly bodies are associated with aspects of the Divine Masculine.

In the 21st Century, as our understanding of the scope of the solar system increases, there has been a corresponding increase in our awareness of the complexity of our experience. Astrologers have incorporated an additional coterie of archetypes into their understanding, in the form of the Asteroids. These asteroids are represented by different aspects of the Divine Feminine and offer a more balanced view of the energies at play in our expression and therefore offer us unique insights into our relationships, our spirituality, careers, families and intimate and public partnerships.

This course runs over eight weeks, during which time we’ll review what we’ve covered so far and move into an in depth examination of each of the Divine Feminine archetypes as they are represented in the chart. There will be meditations for each of the Goddesses, so that they might make themselves known to us. £200

All of these courses are offered in small groups in order to tailor them to the needs of the individuals present. The nature of the learning entails a level of self-reflection and sharing and thus the numbers are limited.

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