Spring into Clean!

We find ourselves answering an inner urge at this time of year, the return of sunny days enjoining us to clean the windows and to let in the fresh brisk air; the riot of new growth in the garden has us hustling for our shears and trowels in preparation for the promise of the next … Continue reading

What is Emerging?

Y’know when you know something in your head but somehow the reality of it, the truth of it gets a little waylaid? That’s how I have been experiencing the lead up to this Equinox. I’ve seen the days dropping in the count-down on the calendar, been aware of that recent full moon in Libra and … Continue reading

Homoeopathy for the Home – Classes in Cambridge

We will be starting another Homoeopathy for the Home Class on April 9, here in Trumpington. ¬†Five-two hour classes in which we’ll cover the basics of homoeopathy AND the practical application of 36 Common First Aid Remedies. We’ll also touch in on the history of homoeopathy and how remedies are made. This series is designed … Continue reading

Imbolc – Exquisite Paradox

The days are DEFINITELY longer and the earth is just beginning to emit her irresistible fragrance, JUST. Snow drops are appearing and gardeners’ fingers are itching and turning to trays of seedling hope in anticipation of a warming soil and softening in the fields. On this sunny day I look around and see evidence of … Continue reading

Introduction to Astrology

Ever wondered what it MEANS when someone asks you what your ‘sign’ is?! Astrology has evolved through the centuries from an arcane form of divination and augury to be understood as a sophisticated, effective model for developing self-awareness and personal growth. Timing is everything and astrology affords us an opportunity to recognize the most advantageous … Continue reading

Diet and Homoeopathy

People often ask me if they are going to have to alter their diets and commit to fasting or change their habits in drastic measures in order for homoeopathy to work for them. In fact, occasionally they come to me assuming that I am going to ‘make them’ implement the changes that they already know … Continue reading

Saturday Morning Homoeopathy with Marlow

Linton Village College presents Saturday Morning Homoeopathy with Marlow with Marlow Purves BA LCH MARH Remedies for Power Surges and Other Eventualities of Menopause Homoeopathic and nutritional advice for changing times…the best is yet to come! 18 May 2013 Homoeopathy for the Nursery Common remedies for childhood ailments and practical tips for parents 25 May … Continue reading

The Gardener’s Apothecary

The Gardener’s Apothecary We’ve been waiting for such a long time and finally encouragement is coming from the garden. A few degrees warmer temperatures and a little bit of sunshine seems to be all we need to woo us into our over-wintered bits of paradise. Joyous reunions, plans for sowing, the promise of colours, scents … Continue reading