Astrology Classes

We are Stardust

Ever wondered what it means when someone asks you what your ‘Sign’ is?
Stardust is an online course, an Introduction to Astrology.

This is a six week online series focusing on the building blocks of astrology leading to a basic understanding of how this ancient system accurately reflects how we express ourselves as individuals in our relationships, work and life.

Each class is 2.5 hours and follows on from the previous one, building your knowledge step by step. The course includes a copy of your birth chart as well as notes and recordings of the sessions. £175

Stardust II

This is a series of seven classes that follow on from We are Stardust. Having anchored the rudiments of astrology this series aims to take things forward by exploring more nuanced interpretations of charts a well as looking at progressed and transiting charts and the relationships of the planets to the Chakra.

There will be time for practice and explorations of relationship charts and applications of astrology.
Notes and recordings of the sessions will be available as well. £200

Stardust for Homoeopaths

Echoing the basics as outlined in We Are Stardust, this six-week series is tailored for Homoeopaths who are interested in using astrology as an adjunct to their practice. Insights into the birth chart can guide the practitioner with clarity and awareness of the potential for illness, the route to healing and the timing of such. We will discuss pathology, remedies and tissue salts in relation to the birth charts. £175

Stardust – Goddesses In the Heavens

This series of seven classes opens up and explores new territory in the form of the Asteroid Goddesses and their influence in our charts. Traditional astrologers relied upon only the Moon and Venus to carry the voice of the Divine feminine. The asteroid belt has revealed an enormous resource in our burgeoning awareness of the breadth and influence of the archetypes of the Goddess. £200

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