Astrology Readings

I have been interested in and studying astrology for over 30 years. In 1985 I met Margaret Koolman and began my formal studies with her as my mentor and guide. Since then I have learned from many teachers and developed my own style of reading as well as offering classes.

Astrology accurately describes cycles and energies that are at play in our development as humans, it does not seek to predict or control our lives. 

The value and insight that an astrology reading provides lies in its capacity to expand our perception and change our perspective so that we can better make use of the opportunities and challenges that life offers us.

A reading can give insight into many aspects of life, relationships, direction and purpose, career and work as well as money issues. There are many different ways of approaching astrology:  a natal chart reading, revealing the blueprint of our spiritual path in this lifetime, progressed charts, that give us insight into ‘you are here now…’  or relationship charts that offer new awareness of our connections with others, be they business, romantic or familial.

A Natal chart or Birth chart is a like a blueprint for the expression of an individual or event. It marks the jumping-off point – base camp – upon which time and experience build and shape the individual’s character. A Progressed chart offers an up-to-date, present-time glimpse into the person, a sort of ‘You Are Here Now’ moment. 

A typical reading lasts an hour, during which time you are invited to raise questions and comment. You will be provided with a copy of your birth chart and a recording of the session.

Cost of an astrology reading: £65

“It’s difficult to know where we are going without understanding where we are coming from and my reading with Marlow gave me the clarity I needed about myself. Since my session with Marlow I finally had a response to questions that made me feel inadequate; now I own my differences and celebrate the traits of personality that make me unique to serve those who need me. Thank you so much Marlow for helping me to make sense out of it all”

Karim N., Cambridge

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