Astrology Gift Certificates

In order to show up fully, we need to know ourselves; our gifts, strengths, shadows, and our blind spots (or at least entertain the fact that we might have them!)  Astrology is one map of many that illuminates and reveals these treasures as they were when we were born. It not only gives us a snapshot of our birth-plan but also enables us to see where the cycles of change and growth have landed us in the present moment. Just as our lives move in cycles and we grow and learn through lessons of experience it can be enormously helpful to see ‘where we are now’ and what lies before us as we engage with the forces of society and Nature.

Gift certificates are available for Astrology Chart readings now. Available by Skype or in person in Cambridge, UK. A reading lasts about an hour and includes a copy of your birth chart and a recording.

Click the button below to purchase an Astrology Reading as a tool for self-awareness and empowerment and a strategy for moving forward in changing times.

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