Marlow Purves, BA LCH MARH: Healer and Homeopath

Marlow has been a healer and homoeopath for over 25 years, during which time she has studied and incorporated many different tools into her practice, including astrology, Shamanic healing, hands-on healing, vibrational essences, guided meditation and healing journeys. Marlow gained a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and English Literature, a Licentiate of College of Homoeopathy, … Continue reading

We Are Stardust – Introduction to Astrology

We Are Stardust – Introduction to Astrology

The benefits of Covid… FINALLY learning how to offer classes online! To that end, I will be offering We Are Stardust – Introduction to Astrology as a six-week introduction to the planets, signs, houses, aspects and Nodes. In addition to learning about the building blocks of astrological language, you will be encouraged to use your … Continue reading

Yielding To Harvest

Yielding To Harvest

It’s Lammas today. Lammas is old English for Loaf-Mass. Today marks a day in the year when I am called to pause. The pause in this moment is like no other before it, nor like any of those to come… It is a yielding time. Time to yield to the demands of the moment, to … Continue reading

Love in the Time of Corona

Greetings in this most extraordinary of times! The Constellation of the World is currently aligning itself in an unprecedented way. Amidst the uncertainty and fear, an emerging sense of solidarity, community, connection (albeit remote in many cases!) and increasingly shared purpose is also emerging. Compassion is key as we ease ourselves into our new positions … Continue reading

Not Just Any Constellation Workshop! Reloaded

18-19 April| Satyam Yoga & Wellbeing Centre, Cambridge, UK Join Elaine R Harris and me as we team up to reprise our unique and exciting collaboration exploring the insight of Constellations combined with the healing conscience of Homeopathy in the context of the Constellation process. About The Event Saturday,18th and Sunday, 19th April – 9:40am … Continue reading

Yuletide is Upon Us

The days are shrinking into night, the bustle of elections, debates and impending ‘newness’ is everywhere. Instability and fear seem to be the major driving forces in our world as we hurl into the dark. How do we do this?! It’s SO easy to lose sight of, to forget, the Promise.  The Promise of the … Continue reading

Stardust – An Introduction to Astrology

Amidst the chaos of political, environmental and societal change, uncertainty mounts, camps are chosen and some of us attempt to erect barricades. Astrology offers an opportunity to pull back from the binary of ‘us and them’ by illuminating and describing many, many different options for understanding and appreciation of ourselves and ‘the other’. This understanding … Continue reading

Consolidating Change

Not just any Constellation Workshop! Following a successful two-day event this past summer, I am delighted to announce another upcoming collaboration with Elaine R Harris and myself. In this one-day workshop, Elaine and I will be combining our skills to create a unique and exciting opportunity to marry Constellation work with Homoeopathy in support of … Continue reading

Not Just Any Constellation Workshop!

‘m delighted to announce that I will be joining Elaine R Harris to offer a two-day workshop combining Family Constellations and Homoeopathy. Family Constellations is an elegant system of revealing and healing issues that often find their roots in familial or systemic patterns. Challenges in relationships, the fulfillment of one’s purpose or even just connecting with … Continue reading