We Are Stardust – Introduction to Astrology

The benefits of Covid… FINALLY learning how to offer classes online!

To that end, I will be offering We Are StardustIntroduction to Astrology as a six-week introduction to the planets, signs, houses, aspects and Nodes.

In addition to learning about the building blocks of astrological language, you will be encouraged to use your own chart as an anchor for your learning. Explore the ancient archetypes through your own felt experience, bring the wisdom of the stars to life.

Ever wondered what it MEANS when someone asks you what your ‘Sign’ is?!

Join me for an Introduction to Astrology and learn the basics of an ancient art. Learn about the planets and signs and discover what they mean to you. This is a beginners class and will focus on the building blocks of astrology leading to an understanding of how this ancient system accurately reflects how we express ourselves as individuals in our relationships, work and life.

In addition to learning about the building blocks of astrological language, you will be encouraged to use your own chart as an anchor for your learning. Explore the ancient archetypes through your own felt experience, bring the wisdom of the stars to life!

Marlow has studied Astrology for over 30 years and uses it as a touchstone and reference point in her work as a therapist and healer.

Sessions will be approximately 2hrs – 2.5hrs and follows on from the previous one, building your knowledge step by step.

Each participant will be provided with a copy of their own chart for reference (and practice!) No previous experience is required. The class will include opportunities for discussion, reflection and practice.

Start date: Thursday, October, 1. 7-9pm (UK) and five weeks following.

Cost £175

To register please contact: info@marlowpurves.net

Offerings for Autumn

Stardust_artwork_Jul_2018The new season is upon us, and I will be offering We Are Stardust: An Introduction to Astrology series again. The last cycles of classes have yielded a growing interest in how to apply and further our understanding of astrology and to this end, there is a second series brewing that will take us beyond the basics. Come and explore the outer reaches of the solar system and see how it speaks to the inner reaches of your psyche and experience!

The classes are interactive and you are invited to share your experience and reflections.

They’re Here! They’re Here!

I’m delighted to announce that my Astrology Reading Gift Certificates have arrived! It never rains but it pours and dates and classes are rolling into view for the new year.

Uncertain times can leave us feeling a little wobbly… unsure about what comes next and how we can best rise to the challenges on the horizon. Often a chart reading can help us re-member our essential nature, where our talents lie and how to make the best of them. A new year often prompts us to reflect on what has been and speculate about what lies before us. While a reading does not predict or control the future, it can give us a unique glimpse into the energies at play and how best to navigate them. Tricky times are part of life, being reminded of the significance and value of them in a larger context can make it easier to move through them without collapsing into despair or fear. Cycles within cycles, endlessly re-inventing ourselves, opportunities to resolve old patterns and wounds, our unique birth chart offers a remarkable vantage point, enabling us to feel as though we can orient ourselves with the flow of life and to make the most of the life’s opportunities.

Gift certificates can be given and redeemed whenever the time feels right. An hour-long reading includes a copy of your birth chart and are available in person or by skype.  Contact me at: info@marlowpurves.net for more details.


Time… and AGAIN!! Astrology Classes, Beginners welcome!

Come and join us for an Introduction to Astrology, find your way around the heavens. This is a six week class aimed at those who are interested in learning the basics of astrology with a view to reading charts and interpreting trends for individuals and for us as a collective. Relaxed and informal, there are always a few unexpected twists and, depending upon the participants, the direction of the material will be tailored to suit. You will receive a copy of your birth chart and use it as a spring board to understanding and interpretation. The class will take place on Tuesday evenings 7-9:30pm.

Please call Marlow to register 07528-188901.

Commencing Tuesday, October 10 and Tuesdays (NOT Halloween) thereafter, we will meet at 7, Shelford Road, Trumpington, Cambridge  CB2 9LZ.

Places are limited.


We Are Stardust

Calling all Homoeopaths!  Come and join us for an introduction to Astrology with particular emphasis on how astrology can enable us to identify susceptibilities and understand our(selves) and our patients more readily. Through a series of six sessions we will explore the building blocks of astrological language and symbol and give us a glimpse of the ‘bigger picture’.

Commencing Sunday April 23, and every second Sunday thereafter we will meet at The Natural Health Practice, 136 North Cray Road, Bexley, KENT

No previous experience required!



Offerings for Autumn

This is an invitation to turn your attentions from the glorious world without to the wondrous worlds within.  Autumnal offerings of classes in Astrology and Homoeopathy. An introduction to each subject with practical applications and exploration.  Astro poster FINAL 2016 for webHOMOEOPATHY @HOME FINAL 2016 for web