On Healing & Homoepathy

On Healing
On Healing

Healing is not a thing, but rather describes a spiritual process. There are many points along one’s path that afford an opportunity to make a leap – to transform; to heal. Healing does not imply that we return to an ‘original state’ of function or consciousness, but to expand and ‘grow us into’ a truer, more creative expression (version) of ourselves.
Sometimes it describes a process of releasing or letting go that which no longer serves us; it is about discovering a previously unacknowledged aspect of ourselves or the integration of some new awareness or gift. Health is a dynamic state that is constantly evolving.

The starting point, when seeking healing, is often disease, an ache or pain, a challenging relationship or even perhaps a vague sense of dissatisfaction with our life on some level. These circumstances are an invitation from spirit to move us to a new measure of wholeness in ourselves. What is often perceived as adversity is the very thing that wakes us from our slumber, cajoles us into an attitude of curiosity.

Our first awareness is that all is not as it should/ could/might be and depending on the level of discomfort, we can choose to try and anaesthetize ourselves or we can begin to enquire more closely into the nature of our discomfiture.

About Homoeopathy

On Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy is an holistic system of medicine founded by German physician Samuel Hahnemann in the late 1700’s.  It is a safe, gentle and effective form of treatment for both chronic and acute health problems. The three main principles that inform homoeopathic prescribing can be summarized by:

  • The Totality of Symptoms : The Totality of Symptoms refers to all levels of an individual: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.
  • ‘Like Cures Like’: This describes how the innate healing process of an individual’s vital force is activated by prescribing a remedy that would, in a healthy person, cause the very symptoms that the patient is exhibiting.
  • Minimum Dose: Remedies are made from all manner of substances.  What makes them peculiar to homoeopathy is that they are very highly diluted and thus are rendered safe and non-toxic.  The ‘remedies’ are prepared in such a way that though they contain little of the original substance, their healing capacity is increased exponentially.

What conditions will homoeopathy treat?

Most illnesses respond well to homoeopathic treatment.  Conditions may range from anxiety and depression to asthma and eczema, cystitis, IBS, menstrual problems, menopausal symptoms, infertility and childhood illnesses.

What to expect from a consultation:

I generally reserve an hour and a half for an initial consultation for an adult, and an hour for a child.  In that time, I will be interested to hear about your current health status as well as a fairly detailed and comprehensive summary of your health history.

Homoeopathy is concerned with matching the profile of the individual with the appropriate remedy and so I may seem to ask all sorts of seemingly unrelated questions.  In addition to your personal health history I will enquire about your family’s medical history, including illnesses sustained and causes of death.  I will then study your case and prescribe remedies for you.

We will schedule an appointment for anywhere between 5 – 8 weeks (depending upon your individual circumstances) following the initial consultation to review your progress with the treatment.

I only have praise and gratitude for Marlow.
I have a very difficult and complex personal history that most people have not been able to hold and work with. I have also had a serious illness earlier this year.

Marlow has a willingness and an ability to work with me and holds the space at whatever level I am at, going to any depths I need to go to, dealing with whatever comes up, no matter what it is. I trust her and her judgement implicitly.

She works with integrity, honesty and flexibility, and also works with etheric as well as earth bodies which has helped me enormously in my healing journey. She thinks outside the box, which has had a very positive impact on me in terms of stabilizing my health .

She is a brilliant homeopath and prescribes remedies that work with me in a profound, very gentle and very deep way.
She works with the root cause of an issue and I have come on leaps and bounds since I have been working with her.
She will work with my highs and lows and supports me always whatever it is I am going through.

Debbie L., Hitchin

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