Consolidating Change

Not just any Constellation Workshop!

Following a successful two-day event this past summer, I am delighted to announce another upcoming collaboration with Elaine R Harris and myself.

In this one-day workshop, Elaine and I will be combining our skills to create a unique and exciting opportunity to marry Constellation work with Homoeopathy in support of the constellation process.

Homoeopathic remedies offer grounding to the issue holder as they encounter new awarenesses, enabling them to consolidate their experience and take it forward in a sustainable way.

About The Event

Saturday 9th of November – 9:40am for 10am start to 5:30pm 

Be@One Wellbeing Centre 1, Audley Road, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB11 4JB

Bring your Personal or Business Issues to be Constellated in a powerful workshop

with Elaine R Harris and Marlow Purves.


Sometimes we have recurring patterns in our life, either personal or professional, where nothing we do seems to make a change and we are left wondering where we are ‘going wrong?’ We feel we ‘should’ be able to fix whatever it is at issue and still the solution continues to evade us, regardless of what we try to do or how hard we ‘search’ for the answer.

The Family and Business Constellations process explores these kinds of life challenges in a different way – Using a wider, more systemic lens, it looks at the individual or business as part of a greater system of family, culture, environment and conscience, rather than seeing it as something that functions as a purely independent unit.

The Question/Issue Holder – the one who wishes to take a deeper look into their personal or organisational dilemma. There is often more than one Question Holder in each group and thus a Question Holder may also act as a Representative in another’s Constellation.

The Representatives or Resources – the ones who offer themselves in service of the Field of the Question Holder, to represent people or elements within the Question Holder’s system. Taking part in other people’s constellations as a Representative is entirely optional and you are not obliged to accept the invitation when asked. It must be noted though, that it is very common that another’s work can touch you as deeply as your own, and even just being a witness to another’s constellation can be a powerful experience…..


For more information please contact Elaine at

Question holder places are limited to 10 so if you would like your Question Constellated please book early to avoid disappointment.

Total places are limited to 12, so plenty of room if you want to come along and be a Representative – you can often get just as much out of doing that as you can from being a Question Holder.

One thought on “Consolidating Change

  1. Hi Marlow,I hope this message finds you well! All good here. The new health building is open, faculty and staff have settled in and students have now been in classes a week and a half and love it. I can now retire so I’m figuring out what that looks like! This e-mail address will soon be defunct so please send future blogs and messages to cynthias@ualberta.caI wish I was closer (or you were closer) to take you courses. Love to you and your childrenCynthia

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