Yuletide is Upon Us

The days are shrinking into night, the bustle of elections, debates and impending ‘newness’ is everywhere. Instability and fear seem to be the major driving forces in our world as we hurl into the dark. How do we do this?!

It’s SO easy to lose sight of, to forget, the Promise.  The Promise of the ages, that there is a dawn before us. The Light will return and the possibility of newness,  the unimagined, is nigh.  We have fallen into the collective amnesia that pretends we are powerless, that we can only wait and see what happens, and then succumb.

The chaos of politics, environment, and social unrest is a fact, undeniable. What is NOT scripted, what is not predestined is how we choose to engage with unprecedented events. We are at a threshold, as with all Solstices, a change of Order. This new opportunity will demand the best of us, the fullest part of our expression. The only ticket required is a willingness to proceed in good faith; to respond as wholly as we can.

In order to show up fully, we need to know ourselves; our gifts, strengths, shadows, and our blind spots (or at least entertain the fact that we might have them!)  Astrology is one map of many that illuminates and reveals these treasures as they were when we were born. It not only gives us a snapshot of our birth-plan but also enables us to see where the cycles of change and growth have landed us in the present moment. Just as our lives move in cycles and we grow and learn through lessons of experience it can be enormously helpful to see ‘where we are now’ and what lies before us as we engage with the forces of society and Nature.

Contact me for an Astrology Reading as a tool for self-awareness and empowerment and a strategy for moving forward fully.

Gift certificates are available for Birth Chart readings or a Top Up and glimpse into where you are best resourced now.

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