Winter Solstice – Birth of The New Consciousness

Winter Solstice 2019: When Is the First Day of Winter? |

Many astrologers have been waiting for this moment for decades. It is the crowning of a most challenging and transitional time over these past months. Old structures, institutions and ways of being have had to change, fall away, decay and transform. They have outlived their usefulness and the advent of a virus has proved to be a necessary catalyst in our collective transformation. There is an important conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius on Dec 21st. It also coincides with the sun entering Capricorn, which marks the Winter Solstice, the tipping point into a new cycle as the sun pauses at its lowest point (in the Northern hemisphere) before ascending in the sky towards its fulfillment at the Summer Solstice.

Jupiter and Saturn are planets that are known as the Cosmic Regulators, they are social planets that indicate, by virtue of their duration of their orbits around the Sun, forces which symbolically represent the movement between an in-breath and an out-breath.  Saturn is known for contraction, boundaries, rules, karma, consequences and the laws of the material world. It is earthy in nature. Jupiter is almost opposite in principle as it represents expansion, development, exaggeration, growth and benevolence. It is watery in nature.

As these two Titans come together at the beginning of Aquarius, they represent a significant changing of the guard, a foray into a different form of regulation, the long lauded New Order.

Typically, Capricorn, the sign that they have been inhabiting for the past number of years is well represented by the Patriarchy. It is the ‘Old Guard’, top-down authority with more than a touch of paternalism. For example, the exchange that might be understood in terms of Capricorn authority is: I will tell you what to do, how to think, how to behave… IF you follow my instructions and obey, I will extend my protection.

Aquarius is a game changer and, as with each of the successive signs of the zodiac, represents an entirely new type of expression.  Aquarius is an Air sign, it is all about the new, innovation, revolution, quirkiness, the individual, the one-off. If Capricorn is top-down authority, Aquarius is personified by internalized, individual authority. This is NOT to be confused with Chaos and getting for self, but rather an internalized sense of responsibility and authority. This authority is based on the individual, as one of many individuals, NOT a hierarchical ‘power over’ structure such as Capricorn, but a ‘power with’ expression.

Long heralded as the dawn of the New Age, Aquarius is a sign associated with universal brotherhood, peace and veneration of the individual as part of a whole multi-faceted One. Aquarius is one of the signs on The Cross of Love, and in this sense it is the love for humanity and all creation rather than the love of a particular person or thing. This Winter Solstice  (dawn of the new cycle of increasing Light, in the Northern hemisphere) is a potent turning point and marks the sowing of the seeds of this burgeoning Consciousness.

We will collectively be entering a new phase of our evolution, one that may require us to take a stand for our principles, while acknowledging and respecting the rights of others to stand for their principles. We are going to be experimenting with ‘Live and Let Live’. There is a saying that resonates with many and has been used as a guide for conduct in magickal circles. And It Harm None, Do As You Will. The responsibility of our actions lies with each of us, and has implications for the way we might evolve. Quantum Physics is able to verify the interconnectedness of all life, and so too… each of our decisions and actions have consequences for the whole. No longer will we be able to blindly follow the rules and point the finger of blame at others. It is time for us to awaken to our own authority and to stand in that as we assume responsibility for our creations. We are united in our humanity and unique in the expression of All that Is.

These are truly exciting and important times to be alive.

Blessings for the Solstice and Christmas Season.

2 thoughts on “Winter Solstice – Birth of The New Consciousness

  1. Indeed, my first thoughts on this alignment on 21st Dec were those of transformation and change….something deeper and wider is going to be happening, which will deepen and widen our viewpoint of the events that are currently taking place right now. This will allow an expansion of our thoughts and intuitions and bring our spiritual practices back into line. Difficult to put into words, but I believe we will begin to move forwards out of the dark cave we have been forced to inhabit lately, and get out into the light again. I can hardly wait…..! No surprise that all this impending change needs such a huge surge of energy to kick start the next processes.

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