They’re Here! They’re Here!

I’m delighted to announce that my Astrology Reading Gift Certificates have arrived! It never rains but it pours and dates and classes are rolling into view for the new year.

Uncertain times can leave us feeling a little wobbly… unsure about what comes next and how we can best rise to the challenges on the horizon. Often a chart reading can help us re-member our essential nature, where our talents lie and how to make the best of them. A new year often prompts us to reflect on what has been and speculate about what lies before us. While a reading does not predict or control the future, it can give us a unique glimpse into the energies at play and how best to navigate them. Tricky times are part of life, being reminded of the significance and value of them in a larger context can make it easier to move through them without collapsing into despair or fear. Cycles within cycles, endlessly re-inventing ourselves, opportunities to resolve old patterns and wounds, our unique birth chart offers a remarkable vantage point, enabling us to feel as though we can orient ourselves with the flow of life and to make the most of the life’s opportunities.

Gift certificates can be given and redeemed whenever the time feels right. An hour-long reading includes a copy of your birth chart and are available in person or by skype.  Contact me at: for more details.