Almost Imbolc

‘And the Seasons, they go round and round…’ Joni Mitchell

Here we are, the light is definitely returning, the birds are singing and chattering in their mad WAKE UP! song and we are reminded that new life is burgeoning. Imbolc, (February 2) the first stirrings of Spring.

This is announcement time, a traditional time in the Old Calendar where dedications and declarations of intent are made. Emerging from the blistering winter winds, the deep sleep of the dark, there are stirrings and efforts to reach up and forward into the newly emerging light.

So, in keeping with this time, I am announcing the commencement of two courses in the coming months.

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Amidst the chaos of political, environmental and societal change uncertainty mounts, camps are chosen and some of us attempt to erect barricades. Astrology offers an opportunity to pull back from the binary of ‘us and them’ by illuminating and describing many, many different options for understanding and appreciation of ourselves and ‘the other’. Join us as we draw back the shade on an ancient language that offers insight, guidance and a glimpse at potential. Access the building blocks of ‘the long view’ and come to understand the perfection in every moment as it leads to the next.

No previous knowledge of astrology is required, a sense of humour and willingness to join in the conversation is a must!

Six week course

Trumpington, Cambridge

Tuesdays, 7-9:30pm

Commencing March 5

£190 Early bird before Feb 20 or £225 includes personal birth chart

Contact Marlow:



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One of my all time favourite series to share. Homoeopathy, even after almost 30 years of practice, is close to my heart. This introductory course is called Life’s Resource because as people with bodies, we are well advised to develop familiarity and awareness of the owner’s manual! Centred around 36 common first aid remedies, the series will also cover basic homoeopathic philosophy (WHY we prescribe remedies) and illustrate the use of remedies with genuine cases. The aim of the series is to enable you to feel confident to prescribe in acute situations. We’ll cover, headaches to hang-overs, fevers to injuries and common childhood ailments.

Six week course

Trumpington, Cambridge

Wednesdays 9:30-12pm

Commencing March 6th

£170 Early bird before Feb 20 or £200

First Aid Kits also available for purchase

Contact Marlow:

NB. In all cases, group sizes are limited to enable maximum participation and to reflect the individual needs of the class.


Off to Uni or College?


University sign


clothes, laptop,
favourite duvet,
teddy bear,
home-made cookies…

Remedy Kit?!

Moving out for the first time?  Freedom, new friends, adventures, self-sufficiency, independence and experimenting with being YOU? (Oh… and classes, higher learning and new connections) You’ll have heard all the stuff about learning to cook, clean; doing it your own way, and fending for yourself. ‘The Introduction’ for moving to your new university life is full of how-to’s, resources and assurances that all you need can be accessed from your new location.

Your parents are concerned about whether you’ll eat more than one ‘real’ meal in the term and if you’ll sleep… ever again. What if you get sick? What if you have an accident? How will you cope? And stress, what about managing stress?

One thing that might be missing from your University Get Ready list is a remedy kit. A no-nonsense go-to option in the event of coughs, colds, the effects of late nights, hang overs, accidents, injuries, anxiety, gippy tummy or even just plain old homesickness.

Homoeopathy is a safe, effective and powerful ally whether you’re at home or away. It provides a gentle and proven alternative to conventional medicine with no conflict with other medications. Learning about remedies enables you to take care of your health in a way that ensures a richer experience of your new life.

Join me for an afternoon’s informal tour through the Basic 18 remedies that can support you through many first aid and acute situations. The afternoon will include a (very) brief introduction to homoeopathy, remedy indications with examples, what to expect from a remedy and when to seek help.

Where?      7 Shelford Road, Trumpington, Cambridge CB2 9LZ
When?       1-4pm Friday September 15, 2017
Cost?          £25
Contact:     Marlow on 07528-188901 or

Remedy kits will be available for sale £29.95

Spring into Clean!

12511034-spring-cleaning-just-ahead-green-road-sign-with-dramatic-clouds-sun-rays-and-skyWe find ourselves answering an inner urge at this time of year, the return of sunny days enjoining us to clean the windows and to let in the fresh brisk air; the riot of new growth in the garden has us hustling for our shears and trowels in preparation for the promise of the next harvest.

Physically we often do a minor review at this time – how have we fared with our new year’s resolutions?! Did they get buried in the cold dark winter nights? Here we are, emerging, feeling perhaps, blinded and sluggish in the wake of the lengthening days; restless to be out in the garden, on our bikes, actively inhabiting our bodies.

Spring is a jubilant, sap-rising time of year and just as nature responds to the tilt of the earth and longer days, so do our bodies. The Chinese know a thing or two about how energy flows in nature and consequently in our bodies. Spring is associated with the element of wood, which corresponds to the liver and gall bladder. As ‘The General’ of the organs, the liver is a power house and multi-purpose generator, a strategic Overlord of sorts. The excitement of the season serves to activate the liver and thus it is an ideal time to focus and support it by giving it a ‘Spring Clean’.

In modern culture we tend to overindulge in many practices that tend to tax our livers heavily, resulting in symptoms ranging from a lack of energy, headaches, digestive troubles, irritability, craving of stimulants, difficulties in decision-making to sleeplessness. One of the characteristics of someone with a ‘dodgy liver’ might be to make rash and sometimes dramatic decisions (or to be paralyzed and unable to act) perhaps as a sort of backlash against the general sluggishness and feeling of toxicity.

The secret of success for most ventures lies in the preparation. There is little value to be had in ‘painting over the cracks’, so too when we seek to ‘do a cleanse’ – Fasting, Diets, Cleanses – very much in vogue these days. Many novice enthusiasts undertake their new regime of juice and greens with great gusto and good intentions – unfortunately the success rate can be disappointing without a little preparation and understanding.

There are many ways to undertake a liver cleanse ranging from cutting back on alcohol, coffee and sugar to a more rigorous regime that may include fasting and the use of herbs, acupuncture or remedies.
In my practice I am occasionally asked if I can ‘give a pill’ to effect a cleanse. The answer is, “Yes and No.”

YES – There are remedies that have a proven track record in promoting the clearing of the system and there are others that are known to specifically support a damaged or struggling liver. These remedies are prescribed under particular circumstances (based on the WHOLE PERSON) and act as a safe, gentle and effective support to the individual’s best efforts to be self-regulating.

NO – It would, in my opinion, be irresponsible to prescribe a pill with the intention of cleansing an organ without tending to the person as a whole. This is where a little understanding comes in and the marriage of common sense, nutrition and lifestyle meets homoeopathy. If we are serious about a Spring clean, we need to be thorough and take into account that it would be counter-productive to stir up a lot of dust without opening the windows! To that end, remembering that the bowel, skin, kidneys and lungs are major organs of elimination, it behoves one to make sure they are functioning and supported before initiating the clear out. This again is where remedies can play a pivotal role.

Diet is also crucial part of the whole process. I will occasionally recommend a fairly simple diet guide to patients to support them in their re-calibrating process. This eating plan offers a gentler approach to cleansing than a more rigorous juice and or fasting regime.

The Liver Diet

Do this for 10 days to 2 weeks. During this time make sure you are drinking 8-10 glasses of fresh (non-fluoridated) water per day. Get plenty of sleep and spend some time outside in the sun every day. Also, if possible, have regular saunas and consider treating yourself to some reflexology or massage sessions.
Keep warm and pursue gentle exercise to keep yourself flexible. Take naps!


salt meat dairy
sugar fats spices
wheat alcohol processed foods
coffee/tea tobacco

Drink warm water with lemon first thing every morning. Eat LOTS of fresh organic green vegetables, fruit, seeds, onions, garlic and rice.

Be advised that a change in diet can create very noticeable effects. Headaches, low energy, skin eruptions and irritability are not uncommon initial reactions. These will be passing symptoms, IF they persist beyond the end of the 10 days consult a practitioner/homoeopath.

If you do decide to have a ‘proper clear-out’ take heart, nature is on your side and will lend her abundant energy to your endeavour. You will emerge feeling lighter with a sense of renewed vitality and clarity.

Happy Spring!

Saturday Morning Homoeopathy with Marlow

Linton Village College


Saturday Morning Homoeopathy with Marlow
with Marlow Purves BA LCH MARH

Remedies for Power Surges and Other Eventualities of Menopause
Homoeopathic and nutritional advice for changing times…the best is yet to come!
18 May 2013

Homoeopathy for the Nursery
Common remedies for childhood ailments and practical tips for parents
25 May 2013

Vaccination – How to make an Informed Decision
DPT – HPV – MMR – BCG How much is too much?
1 June 2013

Colds and Flu
Managing Acute illnesses with homoeopathy
8 June 2013

10am to 1:30pm – each workshop costs £25

Marlow has been practicing and teaching homoeopathy for self-care for over 20 years and provides an accessible, fun environment for learning and discussion. Hand-outs are included.

Register no: 01223 891233 or e-mail
Visit our website at select Adult Education from the menu.

The Gardener’s Apothecary

Apothecary Plant images

The Gardener’s Apothecary

We’ve been waiting for such a long time and finally encouragement is coming from the garden. A few degrees warmer temperatures and a little bit of sunshine seems to be all we need to woo us into our over-wintered bits of paradise.

Joyous reunions, plans for sowing, the promise of colours, scents and home grown delights have us reaching for spade, fork and trowel. We often seem to fall prey to a sort of collective amnesia at this time of year, so eager are we to be in the dirt, our bodies have forgotten the toll exacted by the labour of planting, mowing and mulching.

Fresh air, fragrant earth, mellow sunshine BLISS — All of earth’s energies are pointing up and so many shoots are making their way skyward. With such a riot of life making itself visible it’s difficult to pace ourselves in our endeavours to match it. Warning a gardener NOT to overdo it is a little like saying, ‘Drink slowly’ to one who has just crossed a desert!

Commonly the results of our first forays into the garden leave us feeling a little worse for wear – strained and over-used muscles, bruises, wear and tear, a chill from having over stayed our time can interfere with the best laid plans of the most seasoned among us.

Homoeopathic remedies come into their own in these circumstances and are a gentle, safe and effective cure allowing us to return tomorrow and the next day to our little bits of Eden.

These common remedies are made from plants that may well appear in our gardens, proving the maxim that ‘everything we require for healing is provided for’. They are commonly found in health food stores and Chemist’s shops. All remedies with the exception of Calendula are in pill form and to be taken internally. They are safe for pregnant women, children and the elderly.

ACONITE – Monkshood

For the effects of exposure to cold winds. Sudden violent onset of fever, earache or headache. This is an acute and extreme state that may also be accompanied by fearfulness and palpitations.

ARNICA – Mountain Daisy

An old friend for the gardener. Useful in the event of over-strain and injury, bruising or damage to soft tissue. Arnica is indicated in one who has worked beyond their capacity (who me?!) and insists all the while that they are fine, even when it is very apparent that exhaustion has set in. There is a bruised sensation and achy-ness in the whole body.

CALENDULA – Marigold

(Used in the form of a cream for topical application)

Calendula is a first class remedy or salve for cuts, abrasions or open wounds. It is, in fact, such a good remedy that it is imperative that the wound or cut be very thoroughly cleaned before applying as the cream. The remedy promotes granulation of the tissue and enables speedy and effective healing for the skin.

RHUS TOX – Poison Oak

Useful for the ‘morning after’ when soreness and stiffness surfaces.
Muscles, ligaments, strains and sprains are the hallmark affinities and symptoms associated with Rhus Tox. Soreness, stiffness in backs, knees and arms; restlessness and aching from too much digging and unusual repetitive movement. People needing Rhus Tox will naturally gravitate toward a hot bath and a gentle rub… these symptoms are typically relieved by slow continued motion and feel MUCH worse on initial movement.

RUTA GRAV – Garden Rue

The sphere of action for this remedy is in the event of damage and strain to ligaments and tendons. Ailments from small repeated twisting motions…carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive strain injury activated in wrists, ankles fingers and small joints.


Puncture wounds, soil, rusty tools can all add up to a lethal cocktail that equals tetanus. Ledum is a preeminent preventative to tetanus and is especially indicated when deep puncture wounds are cold, bluish in colour, threatening infection and the pains are relieved by cold applications. Also indicated for the treatment of animal bites.

HYPERICUM – St John’s Wort

Like Ledum, Hypericum is a highly effective preventative and treatment for wounds or injuries suspected of leading to tetanus. The puncture wound or cut requiring Hypericum will be very red and angry looking and possibly hot to touch. It is a first class remedy for pain associated with nerve damage – misfire with a hammer and a stake for the new fence? Slamming ones fingers in the shed door? Trip and fall on your tailbone? Arnica and Hypericum will ensure that you’ll be up tomorrow morning musing on where to plant the spinach and the salad greens.

As you make your way into the garden, prevent injuries by stretching first, ask for help with lifting the new paving stones and make sure that you have plenty of water to drink! If you do over-do it and these remedies do not resolve your symptoms, contact a qualified homeopath or consult your doctor.

Happy Planting!

DIY Homoeopathy No 3 – Pregnancy and Birthing

This Saturday, Jan 29 will see the third in the series, DIY Homoeopathy.  This week we’ll be looking at remedies for Pregnancy and Birthing.   Pregnancy is the most dynamic time of a woman’s life.  The energy required to ‘build’ a body for a new being is monumental.    Despite this, we can often feel tired, out of sorts, over whelmed or facing physical challenges that we have never known before.  It is bar none, my favourite time to work with women.

During this time homoeopathy really shines.  It is a non-toxic, gentle, effective form of medicine that relies upon 200 years of empirical evidence to provide remedies that can safely deal with the symptoms and ailments  often associated with pregnancy.  Strange food cravings,  nausea, sleep difficulties, swelling (in unexpected places!) and heart burn can be alleviated with the correct remedy.  Difficulties in delivery can also be addressed;  slow progress of labour, exhaustion, anxiety or painful contractions.

For more information call:  604-886-8257 or e-mail me at  Join us for an informative afternoon learning how to manage your experience of this precious time!

Where:  Yoga by the Sea, Roberts Creek, BC

When: Saturday, January 29    12:30 – 3pm

Cost: $30 (including hand outs)