Off to Uni or College?


University sign


clothes, laptop,
favourite duvet,
teddy bear,
home-made cookies…

Remedy Kit?!

Moving out for the first time?  Freedom, new friends, adventures, self-sufficiency, independence and experimenting with being YOU? (Oh… and classes, higher learning and new connections) You’ll have heard all the stuff about learning to cook, clean; doing it your own way, and fending for yourself. ‘The Introduction’ for moving to your new university life is full of how-to’s, resources and assurances that all you need can be accessed from your new location.

Your parents are concerned about whether you’ll eat more than one ‘real’ meal in the term and if you’ll sleep… ever again. What if you get sick? What if you have an accident? How will you cope? And stress, what about managing stress?

One thing that might be missing from your University Get Ready list is a remedy kit. A no-nonsense go-to option in the event of coughs, colds, the effects of late nights, hang overs, accidents, injuries, anxiety, gippy tummy or even just plain old homesickness.

Homoeopathy is a safe, effective and powerful ally whether you’re at home or away. It provides a gentle and proven alternative to conventional medicine with no conflict with other medications. Learning about remedies enables you to take care of your health in a way that ensures a richer experience of your new life.

Join me for an afternoon’s informal tour through the Basic 18 remedies that can support you through many first aid and acute situations. The afternoon will include a (very) brief introduction to homoeopathy, remedy indications with examples, what to expect from a remedy and when to seek help.

Where?      7 Shelford Road, Trumpington, Cambridge CB2 9LZ
When?       1-4pm Friday September 15, 2017
Cost?          £25
Contact:     Marlow on 07528-188901 or

Remedy kits will be available for sale £29.95

2 thoughts on “Off to Uni or College?

  1. Hi Marlow,

    I would love my girls to come. Could you provisionally book 2 places for me and then I will confirm asap?

    Thanks so much. Sounds brilliant.

    lots of love


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