Saturday Morning Homoeopathy with Marlow

Linton Village College


Saturday Morning Homoeopathy with Marlow
with Marlow Purves BA LCH MARH

Remedies for Power Surges and Other Eventualities of Menopause
Homoeopathic and nutritional advice for changing times…the best is yet to come!
18 May 2013

Homoeopathy for the Nursery
Common remedies for childhood ailments and practical tips for parents
25 May 2013

Vaccination – How to make an Informed Decision
DPT – HPV – MMR – BCG How much is too much?
1 June 2013

Colds and Flu
Managing Acute illnesses with homoeopathy
8 June 2013

10am to 1:30pm – each workshop costs £25

Marlow has been practicing and teaching homoeopathy for self-care for over 20 years and provides an accessible, fun environment for learning and discussion. Hand-outs are included.

Register no: 01223 891233 or e-mail
Visit our website at select Adult Education from the menu.

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