Another Turn of the Wheel

It’s raining, I can hear it on the roof. And dark, the deep dark that one finally falls into at this time of year, on the edge of the breath that will take us into light once more.
It usually takes me the six weeks between Hallowe’en and Yule to really fall in love with the night, to wrap it around me in silence. Now the clatter of Christmas and holidays is upon us, I find I must listen very carefully.

The Solstices find us at a still point in the year, not balanced like the equinox but leaning perilously to the farthest end of the continuum. Poised on ruin? or some mysterious transformation.

Here we are (in the northern Hemisphere) at the lowest most contracted time. It is also a most concentrated time, in energy terms we are infinite potential …now. Interestingly too, the moon – reflector and muse to the sun is her fullest, ripest self. Paradox.

Now is the time to dream into being the next wave, the next outward expression. Now is the time to allow the dark to subsume us, so that the most infinitesimal spark will illuminate the way forward. It’s been a big year with many changes, many revelations, many losses and confusion. Surrender them here, to the quiet and forgiving dark…and wait and breathe and wait again. There is a spark, I promise.

Blessed Yule Everyone, I wish you peace in your heart.

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