What is Emerging?

Y’know when you know something in your head but somehow the reality of it, the truth of it gets a little waylaid? That’s how I have been experiencing the lead up to this Equinox. I’ve seen the days dropping in the count-down on the calendar, been aware of that recent full moon in Libra and have been anticipating, hoping for, that much-needed return to balance that I have treasured at this time of year. This year? not so much.

We live in ‘interesting times’ or shall we just ‘call a spade a bloody shovel’, as my Mother used to say, and admit that we are living in times of upheaval and turbulence. Emerging from the darker months of winter into the equality of day and night usually feels like a relief,a promise somehow that everything is going to be alright after all. Longer days, daffodils, birdsong and all those juicy stirrings are undoubtedly a joy to witness; but I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s not going to be all sweetness and light from here on in.

I seem to have been tuning-in to another quality this year, one characterized by a sense of urgency, a kind of frantic energy, rumbling and fracturing nature’s sleepy repose. Part of me keeps checking to make sure it’s REALLY Equinox, that it is indeed that time of perfect balance and harmony. Well, we are on the cusp of Aries after all and bucolic is not part of the lexicon. Aries ruled by Mars, the God of War, Power and Action is definitely making his presence felt, on the international stage, in the plundering of the earth’s resources and our penchant for posturing and power plays. Frankly? It ‘s exhausting and more than a little futile. It seems pretty clear that this is a road to nowhere. As we are here, at the very beginning, suspended between steps having just raised one foot with an intention to move forward, we have a very clear opportunity. We have an opportunity to CHOOSE where our foot will fall, which direction we will orient ourselves toward. Stillness, yes, new life yes, growth and development are all on the cards.

This particular time in history with its opportunities of choice are unprecedented, more than ever before we are privy to awareness of how our actions impact all of our companions on the planet. Rather than rushing headlong into the next venture and rising blindly with the fires of Spring, let’s take a moment or even two to surrender our egos, lean into our hearts and consciously choose our course. Spring signals, as always, the renewal of hope.

Blessings on your steps and your unfolding journey!

4 thoughts on “What is Emerging?

  1. Well said, Marlow. I agree that making our choices more consciously, choosing our intended direction is so important for these times, especially in the next month or so (if one can ever say “especially” any more!) It’s all especial! My own internal disharmony feels somewhat allayed by your words – blessings to all.

  2. Whew! thank you for putting words to the despair I refuse to permit myself to acknowledge or indulge in or expose to the growing light – none of which are effective strategies for releasing the energy I have invested in perpetuating this denial!
    May kindling the need-fires of Spring cleanse our souls of the dross of stagnated and incapacitating fears and align our steps with vectors of life affirming growth and abundance.

    1. Need-fires indeed! I sometimes wonder just how much of that precious energy is tied up in our refusal to acknowledge what is?
      What else could we engage with if the despair were allowed, like a rising tide, to move through us and then to ebb…as we are assured it will.
      Perhaps we can call it ‘Spring cleaning – Revisited’?

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