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2439-With-Summer-Solstice-2014-Almost-Here-Keep-HeatSummer Solstice – The Summit

Solstices are the crisis points of the year. The darkest and the lightest, containing the seeds of each within the other. Today we stand at the very top of the Light. The sun will grace us and create the longest day of the year.

No more anticipation, hope, preparation or increase. We’re here, at the brightest spot, the longest day and the height of the season. It seems that so much of our time is spent in preparing, diligently working toward the ‘Golden Time’ when we will hit our stride and truly shine and be seen to do so. The seeds that we have planted and nurtured over the past few months have flowered and are setting fruit, succulent, sustaining – a potent reminder of the sweetness of life. The fruit bears seeds too though, not yet ripe and not yet revealed, very much in their infancy…a sign of the time to come.

It is now that I find myself wanting to step on the brakes, to pause the relentless movement of the planet…I want to bask in the intensity and vitality of the light. In an odd way we are granted a few blessed days now, til Midsummer (June 24th) to step out of the ‘real’ world and dream. This dreaming is not just a joy ride though, it is a rich time to review the last six months since Yule, to do an inventory of what we have planted and developed, what has thrived and what has withered. It is also a time to celebrate and acknowledge the fruits of our labours and successes, within and without.

In some sense it is a perfect expression of a grown-up kind of union, the first stirrings, the tender pangs of first love and the frolicking of exploration and abandon are behind us. As we reach this point in the year, we become aware of the sweetness AND the responsibility of life and its continuation. As the sun begins it’s journey southward, there is a consolidation of the fruit, a potentization of sorts. Right now though, it is time to indulge in the ripeness. It’s a wonderful opportunity to join with family, community and friends, share the sweetness of all that has been manifested and bless the passing of that which has not thrived.

I wish you sweet dreams of the Midsummer!

4 thoughts on “Litha -This is IT

  1. Bravo Marlow. looking forward to first of the season pesto on first of the season costata romanesco zucchini with first of the season cherries that Sarah will bring home from Farmers Market to salute the longest day and banish shadows of doubt, confusion and compromised health.

  2. It is so refreshing to read your blog on the Summer Solstice. It helps me affirm the birth and blossoming of many of my projects and to follow the intuition that now I need rest and celebration!

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