Marlow Purves, BA LCH MARH: Healer and Homoeopath

Marlow has been a healer and homoeopath for over 20 years, during which time she has studied and incorporated many different tools into her practice, including astrology, Shamanic healing, hands-on healing, vibrational essences, guided meditation and healing journeys.
Marlow gained a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and English Literature, a Licentiate of College of Homoeopathy, and is a  Member of the Alliance of Registered Homoeopaths and the Guild of Homoeopaths.
Following her studies with the Guild, Marlow created and ‘proved’ two new remedies.  She has taught and practised in Canada, the UK and Russia.
The profound wisdom of the body is the keystone of Marlow’s work. She is able to hold sacred space while guiding you to recognize and act upon your own innate ‘knowingness’.  Nurturing a continuing interest in ceremony and the use of ritual, Marlow offers workshops in Creating Sacred Space to enable people to develop their own personal approach to ceremony.
Marlow currently practices in Cambridge and at The Sudbury Physiotherapy Clinic (http://www.sudburyphysio.co.uk/), by Skype  or by telephone 07528-188901 ).
Where do we begin?  Who do we consult?  Who is the expert?
The answer is within, our bodies, our emotions, our experience of ourselves.  We are the experts in our own life.  At best, a healer is a guide and/or catalyst for our own process.  No one can heal us.So why consult with Marlow?  What does she do and what can you expect from working with her?My understanding of my role as a healer is that:-I provide a place of containment and safety and from that place, act as a witness and facilitator to your own process of self-discovery and empowerment.
-With the physical body and emotional state as a reference point, a variety of tools (dream work, Human design, intuition, Astrology, tarot, Kabbalah and body mapping) are used to discover and explore patterns of illness or challenge.
-Continuing to anchor the work in the body and using your own intuition as a guide, homoeopathic remedies, essences, visualization, hands on healing, ritual healing of the subtle bodies (spirit extraction and work with luminous fibres) and dialogue are called upon to help bring you into dynamic and healthy balance.

3 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi Marc,

      Good to hear from you. I returned to the UK just over a year ago.
      Would be great to catch up. I see you have been teaching in Russia?!
      I was there a couple of years ago doing some teaching, WONDERFUL experience, loved it.
      My contact number is: 07528188901


  1. You are the best Homeopath I have ever worked with. Your insight and intelligence and sensitivity are what have helped me succeed in getting to the root of my issues. Your work is deep and thorough.
    Sandra Millward, RHOP

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