“In my busy life it is difficult to gift myself the time to sort out all the signals that are trying to make their way into my conscious mind. I really appreciated Marlow’s approach to helping me untangle the strings and get to the heart of my energy. She helped me define myself in a way that is leaving me feeling calmer and stronger. She helped guide me back to my true path. Her great intuition is a wonderful part of her treatments! ”
Robin W.  Roberts Creek
“I have worked with Marlow for more than 10 years and reflecting on that journey is a great opportunity to express my gratitude for Marlow’s unique qualities. The first of these is what I call ‘squirm factor’ which is in fact fearlessness on her behalf.  She asks deep questions and waits patiently for the answer. And then she asks again … In the silence that inevitably follows, her compassion holds the space for reflection and openness, and her irreverent sense of humour lightens the way. Confronting my shadows used to hold great fear for me and I would put it off for as long as possible. The shamanic work Marlow has undertaken in recent years is reflected in her practice in a very down to earth and practical manner.
“Do you want to shift that pattern?” or “Do you want to take a look at that?” she will ask of some incomprehensibly big piece of my own ‘stuff’ and with a couple of hours work we get there in a safe and exciting way.
I really appreciate the fusion of homeopathy and shamanism inherent in the work. I feel completely safe exploring the shadows knowing that Marlow ‘has got my back’ and the sense of deep release and healing is both instant and lasting.
Before I met Marlow Purves I had no trust; then I learned to trust and now I live by trust.”
-Inger Madsen

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