Must Have Remedies for Travelers

Travelling abroad is full of exciting prospects, unexplored terrain and adventures hereto un-imagined… it is also a normal part of life for us in the 21st century.  Prudence dictates that we also be mindful of some of the realities to be faced when encountering unfamiliar foods, circumstances and climates. Montezuma’s Revenge, Delhi Belly are expressions that have made it into the lexicon because of repeated experiences of hapless travellers. Travel centres exhort us to get up-to-date immunizations, buy all of our water and take our pills to prevent ‘those ills’. Unfortunately those seemingly sensible precautions can have less desirable effects.

Homoeopathic alternatives to vaccination regimes are safe and effective without the long term consequences associated with conventional offerings.  Remedies have a useful and proven role to play in stemming the effects of all sorts of ills that affect the travelling public. Jet lag, sun stroke, stomach upsets, homesickness, bites and infections can be treated without side-effects leaving us free to enjoy our excursions with abundant energy and enthusiasm.

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