Samhain- The Veiled Door and That Which Abides


Here we are hurtling forth, in descent, into darkness, into chaos and into the unknown of the underworld of long nights. There is no turning back, the harvest is gathered…the crops are in and the herds have been culled. Time now to examine our inner resources, to account for the growth of this last cycle and decide what we will sacrifice, let go of and what we will gather within to carry us through until the new growth of Spring reveals it’s possibilities. We cling to notions of who we are and what we do in the world as though they were the truth. In the news much of what we see or hear about is the crumbling decay of many of our institutions, public figures and our environment. We are seemingly on a collision course with the end-times. Given that so much energy is devoted to tending our bodies, staving off the inevitable, feeding our various appetites…paying taxes, organizing, striving, how do we succeed in NOT succumbing to despair and hopelessness?

Samhain or Halloween is the third of the harvest festivals in the Celtic calendar, it is a time when fears are made conscious; when the physical world is muted and the we are invited to glimpse beyond the veil. Contrary to popular belief it is NOT a celebration of death. In this feasting of the ancestors we have our opportunity not only to remember those who have ventured before us, but also a time for us to be reminded of the door between this human incarnation and a much larger experience of life. As with each of the holidays we consciously take ‘time out’ to release our grip on this imagined reality and glimpse something far bigger, this is the sacrifice that is demanded of us in this harvest…

Traditionally Samhain is where we ‘meet and greet’ our beloved ones who have passed away. We honour and remember them with stories and food – a welcome chair at our table. It is not just about celebration and remembrance that we gather though, it is a time to remember our own (im)mortality. The darkness is upon us and we in the northern hemisphere are certainly experiencing decline in light and warmth – a drawing in. Our awareness of our intangible and immortal spirit through the links we have forged and maintained with our ‘Gone Befores’ as we sit, feast, remember and commune with them is strengthened; we can, at this time, reach across and know the truth of endless spirit by the one true portal – that of loving connection. This festival provides us with an quiet space in which to reflect on what is real and what is imagined and that which abides.

Blessed Samhain!

Hallowe’en Visitors

It’s Hallowe’en soon. My favourite ‘holiday’. Holiday being an abbreviated form of the words Holy day. Here in North America, children are getting pretty excited, the opportunity to get dressed up show off their ghoulish or glorious selves and to collect some of those much coveted sweets. Children aren’t the only ones who welcome this time of deepening shadows, shorter days and cool, if not frosty, nights.

It marks a time of drawing in our energies, reviewing the harvest and digesting the fruits of our efforts over the past year. It’s also a good time to compost the ideas and plans that did not take root, letting go of them to make room for new creations.

The origin of this celebration is All Hallow’s Eve. The 31st of October marks the beginning of the New year in the Celtic Calendar. The Celtic calendar actually consists of 13 months. The thirteenth month being a very short one…only three days long, occurring from Oct 31 – Nov 2. In the Christian calendar, All Souls Day and All Saints day follow on from Hallowe’en on the 1st and 2nd of November. This thirteenth month is also known to be a special time, a time when the veil between the worlds is very thin and the separation between the living and dead is almost non-existent. It is also known as the time that is no time; an opportunity to drop out of real-time and sample what it is to live beyond the limits of this world. For many it is a frightening venture because there is an element of chaos to it.

Many cultures around the world take time out to honour their ancestors and those loved ones who have ‘passed over’. This is a particularly potent time of year to create a ceremony of remembrance and to revisit a sense of contact with those who have passed on. In many traditions we are reminded that the spirits of those who have departed often like to draw near to us who are still embodied.

Now is a time when I stop and take a moment to remember, reflect upon and integrate my up-to-date self with my ancestors. A sure way to invite your loved ones closer is to make a gesture of welcome, I will be putting out some Licorice Allsorts for my Dad… oh and a pumpkin.   Happy New Year All!

Workshop – Creating Sacred Space

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A day-long workshop to introduce you to the basics of creating sacred space for ceremony and ritual.  There are many different uses for sacred space: space clearing, meditation, Blessings, Partings of the way, Healing, empowerment and charging of projects/dreams, and divination. All of these require safe and contained boundaries. The day will consist of an introduction to the creation of sacred space and the four directions.  We will plan and make a ceremony dedicated to clearing energetic ties and clearing our auras.  The day will include active participation and guided meditation.


Cost: $75

Roberts Creek, BC


Phone:  604-886-8257

Coming soon to the Sunshine Coast!

Homoeopathy for What Ails You:

A series of talks on different topics including:

Flu and Colds

Homoeopathy for Travelers

Pregnancy and birthing

Menopause and Midlife

Menstruation blues

Colds and Flu

Remedies for Parent and Child

Allergies and Hayfever

Accidents and Injuries

Each talk will be 2 ½ hours in length and offer practical advice and tips on how to handle these common complaints. There will be time for questions and remedy kits will be available for sale.

Cost: $25 per session