Marlow has been a healer and homoeopath for over 20 years, during which time she has studied and incorporated many different tools into her practice, including astrology, Shamanic healing, hands-on healing, vibrational essences, guided meditation and healing  journeys.
Marlow gained a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and English Literature, a Licentiate of College of Homoeopathy, and is a  Member of the Alliance of Registered Homoeopaths and the the Guild of Homoeopaths.
Following her studies with the Guild, Marlow created and ‘proved’ two new remedies.  She has taught and practised in Canada, the UK and Russia.
The profound wisdom of the body is the keystone of Marlow’s work. She is able to hold sacred space while guiding you to recognize and act upon your own innate ‘knowingness’.
Nurturing a continuing interest in ceremony and the use of ritual, Marlow offers workshops in Creating Sacred Space to enable people to develop their own personal approach to ceremony.
Marlow currently lives in Roberts Creek, Canada and is available to consult with in person, by Skype or by telephone.

6 thoughts on “Welcome.

  1. Congratulations, Marlow, on the launching of your website. You have so much to offer and I am certain you will draw many people to you for healings and consultations. I feel the power of your launching just before Halloween. The veil is thin now between our world and the invisible one. I see you as a bridge between the 2. Everyone will benefit!

  2. Marlow, what a great website, I love it and all that you offer through it…I have to ask you if the photo at the top of your blog site is England. Immediately I saw it I thought it was, but of course it could be somewhere entirely different.
    It’s gorgeous, anyway. Glad your site is up and look forward to seeing you again soon.

  3. I tried to leave you a message but it told me it was a duplicate! The miracles of modern science, I say. Drat. If it lets me leave one to say how gorgeous your website is and how much I resonated immediately to the English landscape at the top of the page, you will know how deeply touching I found it! Ah well. Will know doubt drift along to one of your enticing workshops in due course. lotsaluv

    1. Hi there,

      I got it! Yes, England, unmistakeable really. I wonder if it is a trick of the light? Oh and the trees, it must have something to do with the trees.


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