Yielding To Harvest

It’s Lammas today. Lammas is old English for Loaf-Mass.

Today marks a day in the year when I am called to pause. The pause in this moment is like no other before it, nor like any of those to come… It is a yielding time. Time to yield to the demands of the moment, to hear the invitation and ALLOW what is to exert its influence on me.

Where I grew up, on the prairies, ‘the grain belt’ of Canada, there is a particular fondness for this time of year. My father was a ‘grain man’ and as such I have a strong felt-sense of the rise and fall of the fields in their cycle. It is affectionately known as August Long. The first weekend of August is a designated Bank Holiday and as the Dog Days of Summer are unofficially welcomed, we to get together with friends and family, to play, to eat good food, to share, laugh and reconnect. It is a time of thanksgiving.

Lammas is the first of the three harvest festivals in the year and marks the time that we harvest the grain from the fields. It’s an opportunity to rest after toil, to celebrate and to reconnect. It is also, somewhat less comfortably, a time of sacrifice. Sacrifice gets a lot of bad press, as though it is to be avoided, that somehow it diminishes us. We’re happy to identify with what it is to be the harvester, to enjoy growth and the bounty but less so, to understand what has been yielded and what it is to yield. It’s a potent word yield; we yield, surrender and there is a yield, a crop or harvest.

Our culture has been one of inbred and growing separation, somehow elevating ourselves, humans, above the natural world… apart from. This year feels acutely different to me; emerging from an unprecedented ‘course correction’ through lockdown, rapidly growing awareness of the critical state of our environment and humanity’s part in that, as well as our vulnerability in the face of change, is giving rise to an awareness in a deeper sense of how truly imperiled we are. As I write this, I have a feeling that this is not just about our relationship to the environment but by virtue of our sense of being ‘apart from’ our environment, apart from ourselves and, by extension, apart from Spirit. The celebrations at the turn of the wheel are a regular invitation to re-member that we are One. We have been given to believe that ‘the virus’ is apart from us and that we can be kept separate; and by extension, ‘safe’ and unchanged. The emergence of BLM has underlined just how pernicious our sense of division and separateness has become and how it is erupting with violence and fear in our communities.

Yield is not a STOP sign. It’s a call to ‘give way’, it is not an order, but a call, a request. It depends on our volition, rather than our obedience. We need to be willing; to choose to give way, to soften and to yield. What we often lose sight of is that in order to give birth to something new, to life, there is sacrifice, there is a yielding that surpasses whatever we have known til now. There is also fear, we cannot know for certain what will grow and bear fruit. It is an action that requires an enormous act of courage in the face of uncertainty, a leap of faith. It is a decision that we make, a choice.

In the course of this sacrifice, something is lost. The grain is reaped, there will be no more growth, it will, in effect, die… and so oddly, there is intermingled with the celebration of the harvest, also grief, an acknowledgement of what has been, what is passing away. A line has been drawn under all of the promise that the crop held. The decision has been made to reap what is, and in so doing relinquish what might have been. This is easily glossed over in the face of the abundance that we enjoy, but we do so at our peril, because a part of our dream is lost and unacknowledged, a part of our past self, released.

It is paradoxical that it is in celebration of a time of shearing away, harvesting and reaping… separation from the old story and the dream of what might have been, that we are invited into connection. We can find that connection by way of feasting on and digesting the harvest.

There is much GOOD that is evident. Emerging from lockdown and the strangeness of these times, makes me aware of how richly served I am in my life, in so many ways. It’s time now, to really drink deeply of the gifts of the harvest, some earned, others freely offered. We are reminded that we are part of life, not apart from it. Sharing food, sharing a laugh or a sadness is evidence of our connection to it all.

A quintessential feature of this time is the process of reaping the harvest; sorting the wheat from the chaff and choosing what we want to ingest (digest!) and what is unpalatable, we are minded to set aside some of that seed. To choose wisely, we will look to the most robust seed because it carries the promise of another cycle, another harvest and most importantly, it carries Hope. The hope is unidentified specifically, it is a Mystery… there is a sense that the seed will carry with it the nourishment of the next season; we don’t know what that season will entail, we can’t know the specifics. There is risk and there is hope. Hope carries with it ALL things. This hope is also evidence of the unerring course of life, eternal and unending through the process of growth and decay, sowing and reaping.

I have been walking lately, and came across the most glorious conker. The Chesnut trees are abundantly laden this year and I was struck by how much this bizarre, alien-looking thing so closely resembles the images of a virus that we have been bombarded with over the past months. The virus as enemy, as ‘Other’, as threat… something to be avoided at all costs. We have been ‘ordered’, ‘advised’ to avoid IT at all costs; our education, our communities, our families, the economy. We have sacrificed and yielded to this advice, and many have succumbed to illness; have ended their possibility of growth in this life. There is grief.

I cannot help but look at this conker, which I know, from my experience, carries within it a whole new tree, as yet unrealized. As I touch into the mystery of that miracle I cannot help but reflect on the possibility that this virus may well also be a seed of sorts… not something apart, what has gone before that can be controlled or eradicated or in fact suppressed, but the fruit of what has gone before AND it contains the promise of a new life, as yet unrevealed.

We have chosen, in many senses to ‘shield’ ourselves from the inevitability of Life. We have donned masks and gloves, sanitized, barricaded ourselves in an effort to hold back the ‘virus’, an emissary of change. We have become so disconnected from life (and therefore death) that we fool ourselves into thinking that we can be apart from it. Evidence of our desire to divide ourselves into factions of ‘clean’ and ‘infected’, Black and White, caring and selfish, masked and unmasked is a reflection of our disconnect from Life itself. Just as a virus is a natural life phenomena, we are also a part of that same phenomena. The notion that we can ‘control’ the virus is therefore not only foolish, but it is perilous, as it speaks to a Hubris that belies the depth of our disconnect from ourselves, one another, the planet and all of life.

If we can undertake the invitation to sacrifice willingly, the Harvest is assured. It is not done lightly but carries with it the promise of Hope.

Happy August Long…. Blessed Lammas.

** Special Thanks to Duncan Brooks for his photograph **

Love in the Time of Corona

Greetings in this most extraordinary of times! The Constellation of the World is currently aligning itself in an unprecedented way. Amidst the uncertainty and fear, an emerging sense of solidarity, community, connection (albeit remote in many cases!) and increasingly shared purpose is also emerging. Compassion is key as we ease ourselves into our new positions in our global family.

The Not Just Any Constellation Workshop that we had planned for April, will of course, not be going ahead… as we take our place in the world’s initiatives to respond to the current circumstances. We are considering this an ‘indefinite postponement’ rather than an outright cancellation and we will keep you informed as and when the workshop will be reinstated.

The storm of media attention on the unfolding pandemic has left many people feeling traumatized, through fear of infection, transmission or by the impact of interruption of work and relationships due to the isolation measures we are adopting. Remember that homoeopathy offers much in terms of emotional support during the stress and shock of the news. It has a proven track record in the treatment of symptoms associated with flu and colds (according to statistics from the Spanish Flu of 1918, patients who were treated with homoeopathy had a 99% success rate!) . Contact me at 07528-188901 or marlow_p_uk@yahoo.co.uk if you have any questions.

Also, if you are still wanting to look at the Issue you were bringing to constellate in the workshop, Elaine offers online sessions, so please feel free to contact her on 07880 701032 or elaine_harris852@msn.com.

We send our love and best wishes as we explore this new territory together, and please do not hesitate to contact either of us if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Elaine and Marlow

Not Just Any Constellation Workshop! Reloaded

18-19 April| Satyam Yoga & Wellbeing Centre, Cambridge, UK

Join Elaine R Harris and me as we team up to reprise our unique and exciting collaboration exploring the insight of Constellations combined with the healing conscience of Homeopathy in the context of the Constellation process.

About The Event

Saturday,18th and Sunday, 19th April – 9:40am for 10am start to 5:30pm


The Family Constellations process explores life’s challenges in a unique way – using a wider, more systemic lens, it addresses the issue as part of a greater system of family, culture, environment and conscience, rather than seeing it as something that functions as a purely independent unit.

Bring your Personal or Business Issues to be Constellated in a powerful group weekend workshop with Marlow Purves and Elaine Harris.

Combining over 50 years experience in the field of Holistic Health and Wellbeing, Elaine and Marlow offer a combined wealth of knowledge to the process of your Constellation. You will have the opportunity to experience different levels of awareness that are both supportive and respectful of your individual needs and the needs of your system.

Question Holder – One who wishes to take a deeper look into their personal or organisational dilemma. There is often more than one Question Holder in each group and thus a Question Holder may also act as a Representative in another’s Constellation.

The Representatives – Those who offer themselves in service of the Field of the Issue Holder, to represent people or elements within the Question Holder’s system. Taking part in other people’s constellations as a Representative is entirely optional and you are not obliged to accept the invitation when asked. It must be noted though, that it is very common that another’s work can touch you as deeply as your own, and even just being a witness to another’s constellation is a powerful experience…..


For more information, or to book your place please go to: https://www.erhconstellations.com/events/uk-not-just-any-weekend-constellation-workshop-3

USE CODE APRIL2020 to get £25 off Registration fee valid til 18/3/2020

Question holder places are limited to 10 so if you would like your Question Constellated please book early to avoid disappointment.

Total places are limited to 16, so plenty of room if you want to come along and be a Representative – you can often get just as much out of doing that as you can from being a Question Holder.

Yuletide is Upon Us

The days are shrinking into night, the bustle of elections, debates and impending ‘newness’ is everywhere. Instability and fear seem to be the major driving forces in our world as we hurl into the dark. How do we do this?!

It’s SO easy to lose sight of, to forget, the Promise.  The Promise of the ages, that there is a dawn before us. The Light will return and the possibility of newness,  the unimagined, is nigh.  We have fallen into the collective amnesia that pretends we are powerless, that we can only wait and see what happens, and then succumb.

The chaos of politics, environment, and social unrest is a fact, undeniable. What is NOT scripted, what is not predestined is how we choose to engage with unprecedented events. We are at a threshold, as with all Solstices, a change of Order. This new opportunity will demand the best of us, the fullest part of our expression. The only ticket required is a willingness to proceed in good faith; to respond as wholly as we can.

In order to show up fully, we need to know ourselves; our gifts, strengths, shadows, and our blind spots (or at least entertain the fact that we might have them!)  Astrology is one map of many that illuminates and reveals these treasures as they were when we were born. It not only gives us a snapshot of our birth-plan but also enables us to see where the cycles of change and growth have landed us in the present moment. Just as our lives move in cycles and we grow and learn through lessons of experience it can be enormously helpful to see ‘where we are now’ and what lies before us as we engage with the forces of society and Nature.

Contact me for an Astrology Reading as a tool for self-awareness and empowerment and a strategy for moving forward fully.

Gift certificates are available for Birth Chart readings or a Top Up and glimpse into where you are best resourced now.

Consolidating Change – End of Early-bird Enrollment draws near

There are still a couple of places available for Representatives at the Early bird price.

What IS a Representative in the realm of Family Constellations?

Family Constellations, describes a process of exploring and gaining insight into our life’s challenges by way of understanding the hidden dynamics of family patterns and the way they effect us.  Exploring our personal dynamics is greatly aided when, working in a group, we are able to nominate someone to ‘represent’ a particular person or challenge. When you accept the role of representative, you gain access to the information that is held by the energy of the person or challenge in question. This embodiment enables a conversation and added awareness of the often hidden or tangled strands of the family dynamic. These hidden strands in our family of origin can then find themselves expressed by challenges that we face in our own lives.

A representative is an invaluable aid in articulating unconscious aspects of our internal dynamics.

Why would I choose to do this as opposed to being an Issue Holder?

The very act of participation, by association, will have a direct affect on your own process. In effect, you can ‘piggy-back’ on the central issue holder’s inquiry. MAGIC!

Choosing to act as a Representative is first and foremost, a service to the entire ‘system’. Without fail, when you are chosen to act as representative in another person’s enquiry,  you will have conscious or unconscious links to the question at hand.

Come along and join us, for healing and for growth!

To enroll please contact us at:  https://www.elainerharris.co.uk/book-online

Stardust – An Introduction to Astrology

Amidst the chaos of political, environmental and societal change, uncertainty mounts, camps are chosen and some of us attempt to erect barricades. Astrology offers an opportunity to pull back from the binary of ‘us and them’ by illuminating and describing many, many different options for understanding and appreciation of ourselves and ‘the other’. This understanding fosters a sense of choice… and with that freedom.

 Join us as we draw back the shade on an ancient language that offers insight, guidance and a glimpse at potential. Access the building blocks of ‘the long view’ and come to understand the perfection in every moment as it leads to the next.

The series takes place over six consecutive weeks.

 During the course you will gain an understanding of the basic building blocks of astrology through language, symbol and myth. We will explore the planets, signs, houses, aspects, and Nodes of the Moon.

No previous knowledge of astrology is required, a sense of humour and willingness to join in the conversation is a must!

Stardust_artwork_Jan_2019Trumpington, Cambridge

Thursdays, 7-9:30pm

Commencing Thursday November 7, 2019

£195 Early bird before October 15 or £225 (includes personal birth chart)

Questions? Contact Marlow:   marlow_p_uk@yahoo.co.uk