Birthing has become a very ‘managed procedure’ in the past 50 years of medical and surgical advancement. Books, articles and expert opinions abound. There are a myriad of choices to make, home/ hospital? Birthing pool or Caesarean section? AND everything in between! At heart, it is a time of miracles, mystery and nature at her finest.

Without exception every parent wishes for a safe, healthy and smooth transition into life for their child. Homoeopathy really comes into its own in the arena of pregnancy, childbirth and ante-natal care. Pregnancy is a tremendously potent time in a woman’s life insofar as she is in the process of completely containing, constructing and nourishing a whole new person.

Occasionally in the process of birth the natural sequence of events can be interrupted, whether due to physical challenges or the sheer emotional intensity. Homoeopathy has been used to effectively support and aid pregnant and birthing women for almost 200 years. Proven to be safe, gentle and effective, remedies provide a non-invasive option for; pain relief, in the event of a cessation of contractions, slow onset of labour, bleeding or bruising, anxiety or fear, shock from a fast labour or even in the case of mal-disposition (breech) of the baby.

Whether you are at home or in hospital basic remedies such as Arnica are an invaluable addition to your Birthing Pack… It is a remedy that helps heal bruising, damage to soft tissue (an inevitability in birth), shock, trauma and bleeding. Trauma and shock can distort our ability to bond and connect with our babies in the crucial time following birth.

Marlow welcomes the opportunity to educate and work with midwives and parents-to-be in the use of remedies, as well as attending births.

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