Colds & Flu

Colds and Flu seem to be a natural feature of the landscape of Autumn and Winter in the northern hemisphere. As we move indoors and back to work and school we are more pressured with busy schedules. Often the opportunities for relaxation and restoration that are afforded by the summer months are not available and we are left run down, stressed out and just plain pooped!

Eating a balanced diet, full of a variety and fresh whole foods, plenty of sleep and water are all essential underpinnings to a healthful life if we wish to thrive throughout the darker seasons. Time spent outside, walking, gardening or playing sport all contribute to a well grounded level of health. Constitutional homoeopathic (preventative) treatment is the best way to avoid the chances of falling afoul of seasonal ills.

Colds and acute illness have their role to play in maintaining our overall health by de-toxifying our systems and discharging bacteria, mucous and congestion. However, getting stuck with sinus infections, fevers, coughs, earache, aches and pains is NEVER a happy experience! Remedies are very effective in managing the symptoms associated with flu and the common cold, enabling us to get back on our feet and into our lives – fully.

This workshop is centred around the treatment of the common cold and flu ailments with homoeopathic remedies. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive information on dates and times.

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