Guided Journeys

Guided Journeys
Guided journeys or meditations are an age-old technique for moving beyond the limitations of externally based awareness. Commonly, we are led to understand that the answers lie within us, in fact the Oracle of Delphi admonishes us to ‘Know Thyself’.
In our contemporary world that is highly stimulating and secularized we are tempted always to look outwards, to consult an expert. Guided visualisations afford an opportunity to go within and find the wisdom and answers that reside there.
We do, in fact, know ourselves – often we’ve forgotten the questions to ask. Rather than ‘guiding’ you on a journey, Marlow intuitively listens to and accompanies you on your journey to find and follow your own pathways.
When would I consider doing a guided journey?
This way of working often arises spontaneously in the course of a session and is often seeded in the physical or emotional body. Physical symptoms are often a cry for help or attention: “Something is not right!”.
Quite apart from the physical changes that take place when we are ailing, there is often an underlying thought pattern or outmoded emotional response at play. Journeying is a gentle and effective way of meeting that pattern or response, healing it and bringing it back into alignment.
Undertaking a journey is not an isolated experience but acts as a quickening of our own capacity to listen to ourselves.

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