It’s all about change

How to adjust and cope with change? It’s always been an intrinsic part of life but in recent years, the circumstances of life have become a BOLD challenge to the most resilient of us. Astrology is an ancient system of tracking cycles of evolution for us as individuals, as well as society and the systems that we rely upon to give us a sense of order and grounding. Learning the language of the stars enables us to understand and align ourselves more fully with the universal nudges, enabling us to ride the tides and make the most of the possibilities.

We Are Stardust, an Introduction to Astrology, is an online course. This six week series focuses on the building blocks of astrology leading to a basic understanding of how this ancient system accurately reflects how we express ourselves as individuals in our relationships, work and life. The planets move in a measured rhythm, lending coherence to our unfolding story, the study of astrology enables us to find our place in the story.

Each week we will cover the elements of astrology including the planets, signs, houses and aspects.

Each class is 2.5 hours and follows on from the previous one, building your knowledge step by step. The course includes a copy of your birth chart as well as notes and recordings of the sessions. £175

There is an early bird offer of £150 until October 4, 2021.

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